Ades Skin (Visual Style)

Ades theme breathes a huge amount of freshness into the Windows UI. Rather than transitioning to total darkness, this Windows skin adopts some gentle hues of grey and introduces unique green into the interface. This is a classy theme that can appeal to both the simple and fussy Windows users. Note that this theme only works with Wndows 10 Threshold 2 and later versions and you’ll still need the UXThemePathcher to get it running.

  • Visual Style (Skin) can be used in Windows 10
  • Ades require UltraUXThemePatcher system patch
  • Tested for Build Version 1803


Before / After

Windows 10 style beforeWindows 10 after skin instaled




  • Visual styles from third-party developers can harm your Windows Operating System
  • Installation and configure skins require advanced Windows administration skills
  • Make a system restore point before installing
  • Read all instructions and recomendations on the developer page before installing

Visit Developer Page for Download

Ades Windows Skin Latest Update

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