How To Make Windows 10 Theme

Windows 10 Theme offer you the possibility to make a number of personalization settings; you can change the background of your desktop, as well as the colours, sounds, windows borders, start menu and you can switch between themes as often as you like. You can use the following steps, in order to customize your computer exactly as you wish.

Change the background of your desktop

Windows 10, like other versions, come with several backgrounds that you can choose from. In order to do so, you need to enter the personalization group, which can be found in the Settings. Or you can always select 'Browse' and add your own picture. For the background you can select picture, solid color or slideshows. Your wallpaper can in fact beanything you like. For example, you can choose to upload a picture from your own collection or one that is already included on this version of Window, a solid color or even a slide show, that can play pictures that you have selected randomly on all displays.

Pick up new colors

You can choose an accent color from a palette or you can select to have Windows 10 pick up a color from your wallpaper automatically. If you wish you can extend the color choice to the Start menu, taskbar and action center, below the palette. There is also another option; you can turn on transparencies for all these items. In fact, this last one can actually allow you to eke out a bit more performance in case your card of your graphics isunderpowered or older.

Pick up new colors

Add sounds

Windows 10 Theme can play a sound when certain events take place on your PC. For instance, an event can be an action that you perform (eg. when you empty your Recycle Bin) or an action that Windows perform (e.g. when you receive a new mail). In fact, you can find a number of sound schemes offered with the new version of Windows. Keep in mind, though, that some themes on your desktops have their own sound schemes. Moreover, you can save any additional sound that you changed.

Screen saver

Screen saver

If you want to changer or add a screen saver, you need to click 'Screen Saver, then click an iten in the list and change the settings, according to your preferences and at the end click OK. The screen saver is actually a moving pattern or a certain image that appears on your PC screen when you haven't touched your mouse or keyboard for a certain period of time. Moreover, the screen saver is turned off in the themes that offered by the Windows, but you have the option to turn it on and add one to a theme. You can actually find all kind of themes in Personalization window (found in Control Panel). Then, you can alter the background of your desktops, as well as the colour, sounds etc.


After you have added icons and sound, you can also add a fancy cursor as well. Just like the icons and sound schemes, you need to apply the new cursor, before including the same in the theme. Once you have installed it, click Change mouse pointer at thte left side of Personalization window, choose your new cursor from the drop down list and press the apply button.