Nemo Skin (Visual Style)

Nemo is a dark skin for Windows that is as cool as it is friendly to eye. It brings onto the Windows 10 interface a blend of grey and blue, which particularly makes text readability and maneuverability around file explorer easier, even in the dark. Nemo can be an ideal choice for anyone looking for a skin that’s a bit darker yet with a unique touch of elegance. Once you patch your system with UltraUXThemePatcher, getting this theme running on your computer won’t be a big problem.

  • Visual Style (Skin) can be used in Windows 10
  • Nemo require UltraUXThemePatcher system patch
  • Tested for Build Version 1803


Before / After

Windows 10 style beforeWindows 10 after skin instaled




  • Visual styles from third-party developers can harm your Windows Operating System
  • Installation and configure skins require advanced Windows administration skills
  • Make a system restore point before installing
  • Read all instructions and recomendations on the developer page before installing

Visit Developer Page for Download

Nemo Windows Skin Latest Update

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