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Genji (Overwatch) Theme

Behold Genji in various battle armors ever illustrated for this set of desktop wallpapers. Whether in battle mode with another warrior or at peace contemplating his next moves, Genji is presented in various bad ass moves either on attack mode or on the defense. Most of the wallpapers portrayed Genji as the silver-armored sword-wielding hero. The green lights emanating from the armor glowed in the dark. Various lighting effects occasionally changes the armor’s color from silver to silver white then to dark gold and back to silver again. The best wallpapers depicted the green dragon as Genji’s spirit animal. Up to 20 high definition options in one deskthemepack file.

  • Category Games
  • Theme can be used in Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 (8.1) / Windows 7
  • Genji (Overwatch) Theme contains 20 HD walpappers


Theme wallpapers


Download theme for Windows 11 / 10 / 8 / 8.1


Download theme for Windows 7

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